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Chapter 2

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“It`s just…I wish it was easier for me, you know?” Make a special point not to look at her. “I wish it was someone else who was chosen for this. Someone competent. If only I didn`t stopped that robbery. I wish I didn`t have to go through with it all. It comes gushing out, with words like spilled milk. “And I wish it was me with you and not that other guy. I wish it was my own skin touching with yours…” And there you have it. Stupidity in it`s purest form.

“Oh Ed.” Audrey looks away. “Oh Ed.”

Our feet dangle.

I watch them and I watch the jeans on Audrey`s legs.

We only sit there now.

Audrey and me.

And discomfort.

Squeezed in, between us.

She soon says, “You are my best friend, Ed.”

“I know”

You can kill a man with those words.

No gun.

Just words and a girl.”

Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger

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